FutureShock Access is our official Youtube Show, featuring all the latest news, interviews and gossip from FutureShock Wrestling!  Keep up to date with all the happenings in the world of FutureShock, and listen to interviews featuring your favourite FutureShock Wrestlers.  

Episode 12: 12/7/15

Catch up with all the goings on at
FutureShock Wrestling.
Look out for some disturbing
developments with the mysterious and
terrifying Wonderland.
We hear from Soner Dursun and
Xander Cooper about their upcoming Championship match, as well as words from Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, TNA's
Tag Team Champions The Wolves.

Episode 11: 30/6/15

News and interviews from
FutureShock 82: Lotto Thunder and
a look ahead at Slam 4 July 5th 2015.
WIth interviews from Jack Gallagher,
Soner Dursun, Bubblegum,
Violet Vendetta and a shock
moment from Dave Rayne.

Episode 10: 11/6/15

News, interviews and more from
FutureShock Wrestling. We look ahead to
June 21st at the Guildhall as Uproar 82 plays
host to the Lotto Thunder Tournament!
The winner will receive a title shot on
July 18th at UnderGround 11.
Also the mystery of who stole the Tag Titles deepens and Danny hope of the Models
narrates his own silent protest!

Episode 9: 29/5/15

Match results from
UnderGround 10,
Interviews with Zack Gibson,
The Models and Dave Rayne.

Episode 8: 8/5/15

Featuring a run down of Slam 3
from May 3rd and a look ahead to the UnderGround 10 event at
The Longfield Suite, Prestwich.
With interviews from an angry Zack Gibson,
a pensive Dave Rayne and an
out-of-the-blue Challenge from
FutureShock Champion Xander Cooper!

Episode 7: 28/4/15

News and results from
FutureShock Wrestling.
Featuring all the results from Uproar 81
and a look ahead at Slam 3
in Warrington on May 3rd!

Episode 6: 12/4/15

A round up of our huge UnderGround 9 event
a look forward to FutureShock 81 and more! Check out interviews including
FutureShock CHampion Xander Cooper,
TNA's The Wolves and a shocking turn of
events unfold as we talk to The Models,
our new Tag Team Champions.

Episode 5: 28/3/15

Ft: TNA's The Wolves, The Uprising,
T-Bone and much more!
All the latest news and goings on from
Slam 2 in Warrington and what to look
forward to as we head into
UnderGround 9 on April 4th.

Episode 4: 27/2/15

Featuring results from UnderGround 9,
a look ahead and exclusive match announcements for Uproar on March 8th
and interviews with Number One Contender T-Bone and new Adrenaline Champion
'The Rising' Soner Dursun.

Episode 3: February 2015

Results, updates and some
exclusive announcements about
FutureShock Wrestling.
Including The Blackpool Blonds,
Noah and FutureShock Champion
Xander Cooper.
Episode 2: February 2015

Results from FutureShock Uproar 79
at the Stockport Guildhall, as well as
interviews featuring Jack Gallagher,
Dave Rayne, Nordic Warrior
and Chris Egan.
Also, there's an exclusive match
announcement for FutureShock
UnderGround 8 in Prestwich!
Episode 1: January 2015

Our very first episode!  News from
all the latest FutureShock shows
and an interview with injured
Superstar Dave Rayne.
Also features full results from
our last show of 2014,
FutureShock 78 at the
Stockport Guildhall.