The Queen Bees Have Gone Too Far

Sunday night at RELOADED 6 The Queen Bees went too far.


Think about what that means. This is a faction who’s modus operandi is sneak attacks, ambushes and betrayals. This is a faction who have assaulted Lana Austin three-on-one. This is a faction who practically stole the Women’s Championship in the most devious of manners. But Sunday night this faction went too far.
Lana was scheduled to meet Molly Spartan and Kasey Owens in tag team action, and she’d selected a young prospect to fight by her side. Alexxis Falcon is a stand-out talent and rising star in the North West. A fine young fighter to help Lana in her ongoing issues with Owens, Spartan and Dark.
Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances at the last minute, Lana Austin wasn’t able to compete at RELOADED 6. Alexis found herself all alone in Manchester. Seeing as how she was all alone, FutureShock Management gave Alexis the option to take the night off. But she refused to do that, she wanted to fight and show the Faithful what she is made of.


Alexis executing a big suplex on Kasey Owens
So instead of a tag team match, Alexis went one-on-one with perhaps the most dangerous woman in the UK – Kasey Owens. Alexis made a good showing of herself. She fought hard but ultimately suffered a brutal knee strike to the head which ended her first match in FutureShock.
And that’s where this should have ended. The professional contest was over, The Queen Bees had won, they should have been happy. But Molly Spartan wasn’t happy. Kasey Owens wasn’t happy (or maybe she was – god knows what she’s ever thinking). Spartan and Owens proceeded to beat and torture Alexis for no damn reason. Beloved Referee Pete tried to stop them but got dumped out of the ring in violent fashion.

Owens torturing her competition
Spartan then introduced a steel chair and The Queen Bees broke Alexis’ arm. After the match was over, after the Referee tried to stop them The Queen Bees broke that young woman’s arm for no damn reason. Alexis Falcon has a bright, bright future ahead of herself in this sport, and The Queen Bees tried to take all of that away from her. She was taken to hospital to Manchester Royal Infirmary.
Make no mistake – The Queen Bees tried to end that woman’s career.

the moment Alexis’ arm was broken
And why? Because Lana Austin wasn’t in the building to stop them. Because Alexis had DARED to stand up to them. Because Alexis didn’t just back down and skulk away like they wanted her to do. The Queen Bees don’t want any competition. It’s as simple as that.
They did this to send a message. Not just to Lana Austin, but to ANY woman in British Wrestling. The message reads – stay away from FutureShock – stay away from our Hive.

This wasn’t supposed to happen.

FutureShock Wrestling Reloaded 6

Our resident commentator and British Wrestling blogger Rob Halden returns with his latest thoughts on Cyanide and FutureShock.

This wasn’t supposed to happen.
When FutureShock Wrestling Reloaded 6 ended two weeks ago, Cyanide found himself facing down a brand new threat. Brand new opposition. Something that he had never anticipated. Zack Gibson standing shoulder-to-shoulder and back-to-back with James Drake and Ashton Smith. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Since the 400 pound Colossus of FutureShock Wrestling returned and donned his dehumanising mask, he’s been a dominating and destructive force unlike any we’ve seen before. With Noah & Grodd by his side, Cyanide has toppled everyone and anyone in FutureShock. He locked himself on a collision course for the Heavyweight Championship. He battered every top contender. He beat the hell out of Ashton Smith. Uproar 100 was going to be his crowning glory. Everyone thought it was a foregone conclusion. Cyanide was going to wipe out Ashton just like he did to everyone else.

But then Ashton Smith fought back. Then Ashton Smith lifted 400 pounds and slammed him in the Stockport Town Hall. Then Ashton Smith pinned Cyanide in the middle of the ring and kept the title.

Ashton defeats Cyanide at Uproar 100
Ashton defeats Cyanide at Uproar 100

This wasn’t supposed to happen.

A chink had now appeared in the armour. Cyanide wasn’t invulnerable. The beast tried to re-group at Reloaded 6. He hammered and battered James Drake, using Noah & Grodd to help him get the win. But Cyanide wasn’t done. He wasn’t satisfied. He wasn’t finished. Along with his twisted soldiers, he made sure to ruin the main event of Reloaded. He made sure to ruin the biggest re-match in FutureShock history. He made sure that Ashton Smith didn’t lose the championship before their scheduled Mask Vs. Title match at this year’s Anniversary Show.

But in the process, Cyanide cost Zack Gibson the match. Cyanide cost Zack Gibson the biggest re-match in FutureShock history. Cyanide cost Zack Gibson the Heavyweight Title.

Smith, Drake & Gibson – united against Cyanide
What happened next will sure play out in highlight reels for years to come. Surrounded in the ring, Gibson, the once Tyrant of FutureShock, stood back-to-back with his hated rivals Drake and Smith. Gibson took the microphone and for the first time in forever, the Faithful let him speak! Gibson let Cyanide know that he had just made a very dangerous enemy. Gibson said that FutureShock Tapped he would stand side-by-side with James Drake and Ashton Smith.

Liverpool’s #1 – Mr. Mayhem – Manchester’s #1 – on the same damn side! All because of Cyanide’s rash actions.

This wasn’t supposed to happen.