Our 2017 Season Tickets are available to purchase right now!   You can purchase single or family tickets for the following:

   For details / times / dates of all our upcoming events, please click here.

    REMEMBER - If purchasing a Family Ticket, PLEASE SPECIFY how many child seats you require and the NAMES of everyone included in the ticket. 
    You need to click 'Ticket Holder Names' under your address during the Paypal Checkout process.

2017 Season Ticket Options

    FutureShock Faithful! Here's the true definition of a gift that keeps on giving. Whether it's for yourself or someone else nothing will make 2017
    seem more appealing than a FutureShock Season Ticket.

    What does it get you? Well

    * GUARANTEED ringside seating.

    * A fantastic 20% discount compared to buying tickets separately.

    * 10% Discount on FutureShock DVDs & tee shirts at shows. This includes any special deals, box sets or bundles we might come up with.

    * FutureShock On Demand for free! Three months free access to our online service through Vimeo for any single venue season ticket holder.
        If you buy the season ticket for all THREE venues you'll get a six month pass.

    * Exclusive pre-sales and offers for any additional shows that FutureShock Wrestling runs in 2017. You'll also get exclusive access to pre-sales for
        any events run by our partners at Eros Comedy. In the past this includes live Q&As with the likes of Mick Foley, Roddy Piper, William Regal and others.

    * Exclusive pre-show mail out with bonus content, offers and anything else that crosses our mind the week of the show.

    * A LAMINATED PASS! Who doesn't love one of these?

    Here's how it works out... Family tickets admit two adults and two children under 14.

    *FutureShock UPROAR Season Ticket*
    Stockport Masonic Guildhall

    22nd January
    12th March
    21st May
    16th July
    1st October
    19th November

    Solo Ticket: £72 (Discounted from £90)
    Family Ticket: £168 (Discounted from £210)

    *FutureShock UNDERGROUND Season Ticket*
    The Longfield Suite, Prestwich

    24th February
    30th June
    25th August
    27th December

    Solo Ticket: £48 (Discounted from £60)
    Family Ticket: £112 (Discounted from £140)

   *FutureShock RELOADED*
   53Two, Albion Street, Manchester

    19th February
    11th June
    17th September
    3rd December

    Solo Ticket: £48 (Discounted from £60)
    Family Ticket: £112 (Discounted from £140)

   FutureShock Grand Slam Championship Package

    Ringside seats guaranteed to every single show mentioned above.
    You won't miss a moment of the hard hitting, heart stopping action that's made in Manchester.

    Solo Ticket: £168 (Discounted from £210)
    Family Ticket: £392 (Discounted from £490)

    It's a huge year coming for British wrestling and a huge year for FutureShock. We can't wait. Can you?

    Terms and Conditions:  Purchase of a Season Ticket entitles the individual(s) named on the ticket to entry to the above listed events.
    If any events are cancelled, each event cancellation will be refunded the amount that the event in question represents on the ticket (Eg: 1/12th of a full season ticket,
    1/6th of a venue specific ticket). Tickets are NON TRANSFERABLE and access to Video on demand requires creating an account on our partner site.
    The onus is on the Season Ticket Holder to attend each event.  If there is a change to the schedule or venue Season Ticket Holders will be given a month's notice. 
    If a month's notice is not provided and the Ticket Holder is unable to attend then holders will be refunded 1/12th (or 1/6th for venue specific tickets) of the Season Ticket price per event affected. 
    Ticket Holders may be required to provide proof of ID when collecting tickets.  All match cards and advertised talent are subject to change.