Our 2018 Season Tickets are no longer available to purchase.

    Check back in late 2018, early 2019 for Season Tickets to be back on sale!
Uproar, Stockport: Jan 14th
Underground, Prestwich: Feb 17th
Uproar, Stockport: Mar 18th
Reloaded, Manchester Apr 1st
Underground, Prestwich: Apr 14th
Uproar, Stockport: May 13th - 100th Stockport Event!
Underground, Prestwich: Jun 16th
Reloaded, Manchester Jun 24th
Uproar, Stockport: Jul 15th
Underground, Prestwich: Aug 18th - 14th Anniversary Show.
Uproar, Stockport: Sep 16th
Underground, Prestwich: Oct 20th
Uproar, Stockport: Nov 18th
Underground, Prestwich: Dec 27th

    Terms and Conditions:  Purchase of a Season Ticket entitles the individual(s) named on the ticket to entry to the above listed events.
    If any events are cancelled, each event cancellation will be refunded the amount that the event in question represents on the ticket (Eg: 1/12th of a full season ticket,
    1/6th of a venue specific ticket). Tickets are NON TRANSFERABLE and access to Video on demand requires creating an account on our partner site.
    The onus is on the Season Ticket Holder to attend each event.  If there is a change to the schedule or venue Season Ticket Holders will be given a month's notice. 
    If a month's notice is not provided and the Ticket Holder is unable to attend then holders will be refunded 1/12th (or 1/6th for venue specific tickets) of the Season Ticket price per event affected. 
    Ticket Holders may be required to provide proof of ID when collecting tickets.  All match cards and advertised talent are subject to change.